In January 2019 three friends that have shared their enthusiasm for electronic music and raves over the years, decided to join up as Diode Eins. Starting as fans of Dubstep and Drum ‘n’ Bass raves, the young trio later discovered that Techno was their true Passion. Under the name of Diode Eins they released their first melodic techno album “Signal” in late 2019 which they celebrated by hosting their own rave. Their Songs have been well received in the local Techno scene and supported by the likes of e.g. Zimmz, Anna Reusch, AKKI and Superstrobe. Thanks to their openness towards different genres, the German trio is capable of delivering a new sound - not only in their records but also in their energetic live sets - all while maintaining their signature style. In their music Diode Eins not only tries to capture their emotions, but also their various musical influences, allowing the audience to relive their experiences.